The worship of Almighty God, through the
administration of the Sacraments of the Church,
lies at the heart of our parish life.

Saturday 5.30 pm SAID MASS with a Children's Liturgy (Reception to Year 3)
and occasionally with hymns
Sunday 10.00 am THE PARISH MASS
This is the main Mass of Sunday and is a Sung Mass with full ceremonial.
There is an active and enthusiastic choir and a large contingent of altar servers.
Children of school age are encouraged to go out for their own Liturgy.
Two classes are provided one for older and one for younger children.
6.00 pm SAID MASS
9.45 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am Mass
9.45 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am Mass
9.45 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am Mass

No Mass here today
10.00 am Mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart - Ruislip Manor
9.45 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am Mass
9.45 am Morning Prayer
10.00 am Mass
10.30 am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Recitation of the Rosary and silent prayer
11.30 am Benediction

The Holy Rosary is said after each weekday morning Mass.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available after the morning and evening Masses on Saturday,
or by arrangement with the parish priest.
Holy Baptism is usually administered on Saturday afternoon at 12.30 pm.


These are celebrations of God's love and presence in our parish. We aim to help individuals and families to prepare for such important events. For times and dates of each preparation programme please see the Newsletter.


We welcome those who bring children for this sacrament of salvation, and in accordance with the teachings of the Church require that parents or guardians fulfil the obligations that are necessary. In accordance with Canon Law infants are to be baptised in the proper parish church of their parents.

Baptism is about becoming a member of the 'parish family'. If therefore you are new to St. Gregory's, speak to Fr. Paul so that you may be registered with us. We would then look forward to getting to know you as a member of our family and congregation over a period of three months, after which your child can be properly welcomed into our parish community through baptism. All parents will he required to attend a baptism preparation course. Those wishing to take part should contact the Parish Secretary, or the parish priest, to be given a registration form and a provisional date for their child's baptism.


Contact Fr Paul, the Parish Priest, at the Presbytery.


All children are prepared for these sacraments within the parish. The course begins in the autumn and runs for several months. Enrolment takes place in the late summer and to qualify to receive Holy Communion children should be at least 8 years old in the year of enrolment. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in the programme. The course is run by Mrs Jennifer West.


Children who are not in Catholic schools, but who wish to make their 1st Reconciliation and 1st Holy Communion are obliged, by Canon Law, to ensure that their children receive instruction in the Catholic faith before starting the course.

The "Walk With Me" programme mirrors much of what is being taught in our Catholic schools and is provided specifically to prepare children who unfortunately have not been able to find a place in the Catholic school system. The classes meet on a Monday afternoon, during term time, and are run by Jennifer West and Anna Kiely. For details see the weekly parish newsletter or speak to Jennifer or Fr Paul.


A programme is held each year. Candidates must be 14 or over by August 31st. Enrolment takes place in October/November. This programme is run in the parish by Miss. Charlotte Harrington.


Couples who are eligible through residency are asked to give at least six months notice and will be expected to take part in a marriage preparation programme. Any practical regulations concerning their marriage will be given to them at their first meeting with the Priest. These two stipulations apply to all proposed marriages regardless of where the wedding will take place.


Contact Fr Paul or Gillian, the parish secretary as soon as possible if you or one of your household is ill at home or has become housebound. Fr Paul and members of our parish Eucharistic Ministry Team bring Holy Communion regularly to people at home. If you are going into hospital contact Fr Paul so that he can inform the appropriate hospital chaplain. In any emergency always phone the Presbytery (020 8845 2186).


When someone dies contact Fr Paul. Funerals are usually arranged with the family and the undertaker. We encourage the Funeral Mass to be at 10.00 am so that parishioners can join in prayer for the deceased.

St Gregory the Great Church, 447 Victoria Road, South Ruislip, Middx., HA4 0EG.
Tel: 020 8845 2186

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