Mgr Canon Paul McGinn

I was born in 1947 in Dublin, lived in Bray, Co. Wicklow and, at the age of 9 years, came with my parents and sister to Hendon.  I was accepted as a candidate for the priesthood at the age of 13 years(!) and sent to St. Edmund's College, Ware.  At that time the seminary (Allen Hall ) was part of the College and after school I spent six years there.  I was ordained by  Cardinal Heenan in 1972 and since then have served in the parishes of Hackney (St. John the Baptist), Commercial Road (St. Mary & St. Michael's), St. John Wood (Our Lady), New Southgate (Our Lady of Lourdes), and Fulham (St. Thomas of Canterbury).  I have also been a hospital chaplain (The London Hospital, Whitechapel) and rector of the seminary (now in Beaufort Street, Chelsea).  I am very happy now to be in St. Gregory the Great, South Ruislip.

Sr. Joanna Whooley - Pastoral Assistant

I hail from Co. Cork in Ireland and am the youngest of six children.  I am a religious sister, belonging to the Congregation of the Sacred heart of Mary.

After my novitiate in Waterford in 1958 and religious profession in 1960, I trained as a primary teacher in Manchester, after which I taught for twenty four years in Liverpool, Northern Ireland West London.  I then moved ministry into working as catechetical co-ordinator in Shepherds Bush parish for twenty years.  I have also worked for two years as pastoral sister, caring for the spiritual needs of our elderly sisters, in a small Care Home in Waterford. 

Now, here I am as part time pastoral assistant to Canon Paul McGinn at St. Gregory The Great. This role gives me ample opportunity for being with and working alongside people, which I enjoy very much.  I try to keep myself up to date of new initiatives in catechetics, as well as attending to my own ongoing formation. 

Being part of the pastoral team here is so enjoyable and rewarding. 

Gillian Harrington - The Parish Administrator

Gillian can usually be contacted at the parish office on 020 8845 2186 on weekday mornings (Monday to Friday - excluding Bank Holidays) between 8.30 am and 12 noon. She is also in charge of the "Planned Giving" scheme in our parish.

This is an important and rewarding way in which we can support our church and community. If you are interested in joining and having a set of weekly offertory envelopes, contact Gillian!

Michael Conway De Waterford - Altar Servers Guild and Sacristan

Anyone wishing to become an altar server should speak to Michael after the Parish Mass on Sunday morning.  

Confirmation Programme Co-ordinator

We have a wonderful team of Catechists at St. Gregory's who enjoy sharing their faith with our young adults, however, we are always ready to welcome new members to our team, please contact Cecelia or the Parish Secretary if you feel this is something you would like to become involved in.  

Gail Williams - Special Needs Co-ordinator

I joined the catechetical team in 2003 as a First Communion catechist but felt I needed some more training in order to enhance my skills. In 2006 I was trained by St Joseph's Pastoral Centre, Hendon, ( the agency for the diocese for those with learning and physical disabilities), in symbolic catechesis and since then I have been the special needs catechist in the parish. It is a joy, an honour and a privilege to be able to assist the parish in this way.

Love is at the heart of our Gospels and teachings and our parish community comes together each quarter to host a mass to celebrate the gifts of ALL people. These are always joyous occasions, culminating with a celebration together at the end of mass.

Bridget Jansen - Our Child Protection Officer

I am approachable and experienced at dealing with confidential issues; all components that I hope will enable me to fulfil the role of Child Protection Officer to the best of my ability.

Should you need to contact Bridget please do so via the parish office.  


We recognise that each person is made in the image and likeness of God, and is therefore endowed with immense dignity.

In the Old Testament, both the Law and the Prophets challenge God's people to respect and safeguard the rights of the most vulnerable.

In the New Testament, Jesus shows a special tenderness and regard for the rights and well-being of the child.

The Church is called to be a community that gives witness to the love of God by valuing and caring for the most vulnerable.

It is therefore the policy of St Gregory's Parish to protect children and young people from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and to provide a safe environment for them.

Child protection procedures have been established to minimise the risk of harm to our young people and to help parish workers and volunteers in identifying ways of safeguarding the best interests of all entrusted to their care.

Kristy Davis - Head Teacher at St. Swithun Wells School.

St. Swithun Wells Roman Catholic School is a Voluntary Aided Co-educational Day School.

At St Swithun Wells School, we aim to create a caring, welcoming Christian environment in which the love God is present, so that all members of our community - children, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, can grow spiritually, and to create an industrious and stimulating learning environment in which the potential of each child can be fully developed. We do hope that all our families will participate fully in the life of our school.

As we are a Catholic School, we seek to foster the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church. This will call for adequate education in the Faith so that children can learn to live by it.

Diversity resulting from age, gender, racial and social origins is regarded as enriching to the school community and consequently, all members of that community shall be held in equal esteem. This school is concerned that all its members will respect and appreciate each other's cultural background and heritage. It affirms that any form of racism is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Positive steps will be taken to ensure that no aspect of the curriculum will reflect discrimination against any race or culture. Members of staff will encourage children in their awareness and appreciation of the many cultures which contribute to the richness of the society in which we live.

All pupils attending St Swithun Wells School are regarded as being of equal value. Each has a right to an education which will contribute to personal, social and intellectual fulfilment and preparation for adult life in terms of citizenship and the world of work. Moreover, it is expected that all school staff will take positive steps to ensure that each pupil regardless of race, gender or ability has this entitlement.

The picture to the right shows St. Swithun Wells - Martyr of the Reformation.

Born at Brambridge, Hampshire, about 1536; hanged at Gray's Inn Lane, London, opposite his own house, 10 December, 1591. Our martyr was a follower of Blessed Thomas More and jested both at his apprehension and at his execution; but his last words were of pardon to his persecutor, Topcliffe: "God pardon you and make you of a Saul a Paul. . .I heartily forgive you."